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Feb 10th
Crawe Tattoo

We’re putting on a wee party to celebrate the launch of Drek by Smyles, it’s also the shops 5th birthday party and the release of “Up to Ere” by FaxFo so we’re squishing it all together!

We’ve got a bunch of bands playing and will have a fully licensed bar! The cash raised will be going to charity and to pay the bands summat for their time.

Obnoxious disco for chegg punks.

Blistering dbeat dog scrap.

Beige Palace
The thinking mans boom bap.

Blastbeat punk/corrupted worship

Lo Egin
Thou vs Brassed Off

Kicking off at 7pm (pls come down early)
*The tickets aren’t physical, we’ll take your details and have a list in the door! If you decide you don’t want to come let us know and we’ll resell the tickets no problem 🖤🖤🖤

Sold Out